Saturday, November 22, 2014

Running Contacts and almost good runs

Running Contacts

I have done more training with Freya's running contacts. First I have worked on her turnings and her running to an obstacle. Our first session was really good. She did really nice turns and went without mistake straight to a tunnel. I did my training from the middle part of the dog walk and also did this exercises when she did the whole dog walk. She did miss few contacts but all together Freya did really well!

Our last session from Thursday wasn't that good. Freya had really problems touching the contact when she was on my right side. On the left side did just perfect. This was really weird because her right side has alway been the "better" side. I forgot my video camera so I don't know did I do something different or has she got some kind of muscle problem. We will find this out this soon in our physiotherapy session. I also need to film our work more.

Training agility

I have started make Pixie do again her 2on2off contacts on A-frame. Our competition A-frame just became a disaster. I had enough doing fault on that. I didn't give up on our A-frame but we started to focus our work on gallop step after she comes over the peak. She really needs understand that she need to make one real gallop step and not jump or slow down. So this will our winter project.

Pixie and Freya also trained side release (this is probably isn't the right saying). This an import skill to make starts even smoother and also make them also more easy. This is something I haven't really tough Pixie. She has done this on her own. So it was nice really work with them. I still a problem of forgetting to make my move to towards a takeoff side. Here is our work from this exercise:


Pixie and I had a competition weekends. We had good moment and not so good moments. A-frame mistakes were part of the problem but I go to train with them the next weekend. Our work can be really good when we have it all together. Course running is starting to feel really easy with Pixie and feels super. I made few handling mistakes but we very close start making nice clear round. Our team work and feeling is really good right. Here are few of our competition runs from the last few weekend:

More work ahead but it will be fun and I have the best team in the world!!!

That's for now!


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