Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Obedience competition

On Finland's independence we went to obedience competition in Varkaus. Pixie did super well. She got her first 1st prize result from winnerclass (=OB3) and got permission to compete in OB4. It was just perfect although Pixie didn't work as well as she does in training. I have planned to keep long brake before entering OB4. We need work on drive and accuracy on every aspect. I need to get her work in competition as well as she does in training.

Here's the video of our competition:

Louise competed in OB4 and got 2nd prize. Louise froze again in distance control. We have been doing lots on rewarding in that, but still need to do some work to make it work in competition. But healwork was so good!!! Only mistake was when I started running. I was too fast and it didn't look good. Louise has yet again shown some excellent competition head. She just works so nicely. Sometimes I think I can't ever have Spanish waterdog  as good as she is. My perfect perro <3 <3

Here video of Louise's OB4:

That's for now! I have to go to do some training... Then writing about our training.

Marianne, Louise and Pixie

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