Sunday, December 16, 2012

A-frame work and tik-cap turning

Last day of vacation so had to do some agility. In the morning I went to do some running A-frame work. Pixie has started to make pretty flying A-frames so I had to do some adjusting to her foot work. I started to be more specific about 4 paws hitting the contact zone and I stopped to use speed pumps. After few tries Pixie got the idea. Today I trained A-frame between two jumps and got some speed to the work. She did really nice repeats so had very shorts training. 100 % success!! 

With Louise I did some obedience work with recall and sit-down-stand. Recall work was just amazing! I used toy change as drive builder. Louise did the best stop she has ever done!! With going down during recall she was bit slow so I did some repeats from standing. Working with one piece at the time makes it more efficient and I get to reward her from a specific part of the recall.

In the evening we made some course work with A-frame. Yet again Pixie started to fly but with unrewarded rounds she got the idea of doing it properly. In the end she made very nice runs on the course and we also worked on with tik-cap turnings. I'm still too slow to use them correctly but we are getting there!

Louise was just a perfect on the course!! She so nice agility dog. So sad to give up her one day to retirement days. 

Here's our training sequence:

Marianne, Louise and Pixie

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