Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmass training

Finland had shown its best features, -27 C for almost a week. In Mikkeli we don't have warm agility arena so winter really sucks. Oh well we got nice little brake. But on Tuesday before Christmass we had ob training even though it was -19C outside. Pixie and Louise did some heal work with some distractions. Louise was just perfect but Pixie got fooled few times. I had friend yelling commands and luring the dogs with toys. We also did some ob game where other gave missions. We had the hole arena full retrieve objects, "square", jump and mark objects. It was just a big blast even though it didn't always go as planned.

On Christmass eve I did agility work. Pixie worked on running A-frame and Louise worked on with wavepole enteries. Pixie pretty wild so did some very basic repeats. I only changed positions and rewarded nice A-frames. Louise had some trouble taking the right enterance in when was on the otherside of the wave poles. She just kept coming towards me and didn't think about the obstacle. After few changes Louise got a hang of it.   need some work on that area.

On Christmass day we did some contact training. Louise was just perfect! Pixie did some A-frame work with wall and wavepoles. Pixie was so good that I got some training with blind crosses with A-frame. I rewarded her on the ground after blind crosses to prevent her starting to fly again from A-frame. So we had really nice agilitytraining!

We also did some OB4 level "square" work and guided retrieve. Louise and Pixie were just brilliant. Both needed some rewarding on mark object but sending to distance and stop was just perfect. Pixie did some direction work on guided retrieve. I had her standing on mark object and send her to retrieve object that were on the same level as sign. She got it really fast so I could do last repeat that retrieve objects where 3 m from mark object line. Some work before it's ready for competition but we are getting closer!!

That's all for now!
Marianne, Louise and Pixie

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