Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Training idea

I have thought always how to make perfect training session. I just read from new Canis-magazine article about it and I have really similar thought. The major problem is really to keep the plan and make a plan to every training session. This is basic structure I plan my trainings:

  • Set goal to training session
    • in agility for example handling sequence or obstacle training
    • in obedience I set goals to each movement I train
    • Also I might train just drive 
  • I plan every step of training
    • I might even make some trouble shooting before hand to make plan if some training errors occur
    • I want to make why reward and what I want to gain by rewarding certain behavior
    • I check how our training have been going before and plan the exercises according to that
    • I vision my training session in my head and try to get picture how it should look
  • after training I make summary of the training session
    • how did it go
    • what we have to improve
    • most importantly I write what things went super good!!
In total I plan before and plan after. Training dairy is my best friend. There I find answer more than often to my questions and remember good training exercises. Sometimes I write thought about training and overall what we have done. I also set some long term goals from time to time. I also might analyse some other training methods and make pros and cons list.

After writing this, it feels like I do a lot. Reality is I do this much as I can but sometimes I just train what ever comes to my mind. I have seen, that planing and taking time to really think what I want from my dogs, makes  big difference. I can save time. Make better training results and also give better training to others. Best way to be better trainer for my dog and other handlers is to understand why we do things to way we do. It's never ending story.. And every must write their own!

Marianne, Louise and Pixie

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