Monday, February 3, 2014

Little memories from puppiehood

4 weeks to go until Freya will come home. I have think a lot about the things I have done right and wrong with both girls and it has been cute watch old of them. So here is growing pics of both of them.

 Pixie 6 weeks (Heidi Mustonen)
 Louise 6 weeks
 Pixie 6 week (Heidi Mustonen)

This is where is all begins. In the house of the breeder. There your puppy gets the most import tools for life because it spends lots of critical socialization weeks in the breeders care. I have been lucky to have very good breeders that have stimulated the pups a lot and give them plenty of social contacts. All the hard work that breeder does for the puppies are like gold to the puppy buyers. When you look for breeder remember to ask for the activities that she/he will provide for the pups. This can be a big advantage for pup to become a super competing dog and a easygoing dog for life.

And then come the days when you get precious home. It's time when your hard work begun. Time to take puppy to see the new world in a save way. Meet new people and dog friends. Play and relax in different places so that it will have the tools to become balanced competitions dog. Here pics of my dogs from the first weeks at home:

Pixie relaxed when I'm training Louise.
Such a cute pics. So many super memories and so colorful journey. :D

Time has washed away memories of the work that will be ahead when Freya comes. So many things to do and see before she is adult and so call seen it all. It will fun, exciting journey that only time will tell where it's going to take us. I can wait to see her. Only a week and I will go to Denmark to see Freya for the first time. It will be so exciting... Next time I will write about Pixies and Louises first year. They were built little different and so much I have learned from their journey to adulthood.

Wonderful week for everyone!!!


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