Monday, February 17, 2014

Training OB and visit to Denmark

I have started to train OB with Pixie again. Pixie has done some heal work and distance control. My goal has been to improve her drive in heal work and stop her from pushing me when she is in high drive. So I went to back to basics: short lengths and lots of rewarding. It was pretty easy to get the drive up but hard to get Pixie leaning against my leg. It took few times to get it right. In distance control brake had done miracles. Pixie had learned to walk back with her front legs when she goes from down to up. This helps her keep her weight to the rear end which help going from up to sit position. So good from us!!!!

Louise has been working all the OB4 tasks and she has done so super. Healing work has become better and more accurate when I made her do it in a little bit lower drive. Distance control has improved a lot. I have done some technique work with her with doggy zen and it has worked super!

On the 13.2.2014 I flied to Denmark to see Freya. I was just so sold! All the pups were really nice. Breeder Jane had done so much good work with them. Even started to do some clicker training so puppies will be built to start learning new stuff. All of them played really hard so tools for training are already there. So happy to get one of the girls to my home. Pixie will have a perfect playmate. It's only two weeks and I will have a new sport dog in the house. Time will tell what kind of things we will do with her. First few weeks are full of socialization work.

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