Sunday, February 23, 2014

Louise end her agility competition carrier

Only one week to go before Freya comes to our life. So we did a final competition weekend with old team. Louise did her last competitions in maxi-class. She has had some problems in her wrists so decided stop competing with her. Louise will still have fun in training some times but there I can chose jumping heights that are better for her. Louise was as good as always in the competition. Here a memory video of our journey in agility world:

Pixie and I did yet again 3 DQ. I did mistakes and I was late but Pixie also took off too early from the starts. So we need some serious work in both sides. We went to do some zero course training. This mean that every time you make mistake or dog drops bar etc. you have to start from the beginning. I can tell it took all energy from us. We both did different mistakes. But even though we were totally tired I wanted to make us work together and something happened. Pixie started to fight and so did I. We made super run in the end!! This kind of work we really need. Few hard words, sweat and forced concentration. This starts to make miracles to our attitudes. It felt I like winning for the first time in a long long time!!!!

Here are some best parts from competitions from February 2014:

I have also started a training notebook for Freya. I want to make record in our training in different hobbies and really be critical what our training aims for and what goes wrong and right. My first note were our goal for the first week. Just really simple things. Recall work, teaching her name, cue for going for potty, meeting different people and playing in different places. All these things will be done in different places. I have few days of so we will be going to a big city to use elevators, stairs and see trains etc. Freya will also have time play with her new family members and hopefully with some other dogs. I can't wait!!!

That's all for now... Soon there will be a lot of puppy pics!!


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