Friday, February 7, 2014

Training with Jaakko

We had so super training with Jaakko! We work my foot work to improve my movement after stand stills. It really helped again to make my movement to be come more fluent. And the other thing did you know that humans tend to run faster when they go forward?? xD I seem to think I go faster going backwards. Oh well maybe I will learn this one day. My movement has be come better. I still have work with my rhythm.

Then we had a very interesting sequence in the course. I was sure that I had to make flip turn to make Pixie go past a tunnel but yet again I learned more about lines and movement. We could go just past the tunnel and I could do forced front cross to next jump. It was a cool feeling to see it all work together and some that seemed almost impossible be coming a easy task. So much learn perspectives learned again. I have to learn to see line even better to see what is possible and what is not. Here's a piece of the course I'm talking about:

I had so much fun and I learned so many new things about us as a team. I think we made the best runs ever in Jaakkos training. The feeling that everything goes smoothly is just priceless. I'm a slow learner but I'm getting there. In theory I know a lot but to make it happen in high speed is a different story. I love agility and love challenge. This has not been a easy route but I might learn more because its not easy.

Clicker training

Louise has done some distance control work. I have tried improve her technique and stimulus control. Louise can be too hot to control herself and wait for commands. So I have done some doggy-zen exercises with her. I have moved my arms and try to lure her to changes positions. Louise has done super job and it has made her distance control chances better and better.

Pixie has done trick where she goes around a chair. Now I have stimuli control to "round" command when she goes around chair in clockwise direction. Today I started to use "ruu" command to counterclockwise direction. I think we will get this trick  ready in few tries. I need to take to different places to make work in any situation. I will have to filmed to you when she does it well from distance. So cool trick!

That's all for know!

MPL (F) 

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  1. We ran the same sequence on Jaakko's course here in the USA! Only a few dogs went in the tunnel (Strafe did not even look at the tunnel)!