Sunday, February 2, 2014

OB with Louise

I had such perfect training with Louise. We started with square. Louise had a little problem of going to the left side. I showed her the right place few times and then she did it with to well! Louise hasn't done square for long long time. So I was really pleased with her work today. In the end we did the whole movement.

Second thing we did was the Z-walk. I made her work harder by throwing a toy every time I gave a cue. My goal was to make Louise concentrate better to my cues and stand harder distractions. This exercise worked out perfectly. Louise started make super positions and really make super effort to listen to me well. I did this same with long distance control. Louise started to really make better and better repeats.  Really nice doggy-zen exercise!!!!

Lastly we work on recall and controlled retrieve. In recall work Louise made first very slow coming and started to make early stops. I just took it again few times and the early stops went a way and Louise started to work again really nicely. When you have a dog that really knows what to do, you can try few times to get right response. This is not a way to train a newbie or puppy. This is just a way make to dog think and understand the task that is at hand but this task must be a super good normally. Controlled retrieve was just perfect.

Pixie did some agility. We did simple work with A-frame. I rewarded every nicely done A-frame and we did different approaches and different movement after the A-frame. Pixie had some trouble coming to the end when we did some tight turns. In the end she did really nice work. A-frame seems to become a projects that never ends but I'm going to make it happen. I hope to learned a lot and be better with Freya.  I also worked on tight turns on the jumps after different obstacles. After few repeats she really got the idea and started making super turns.

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