Sunday, January 11, 2015

3 day training brake is over.

Reaction actions under control

Freya has been training with Kaisa's instructions to control her reactions. I have been rewarding on every target she starts to stare at. The goal is to make her scary or new targets good things and in the end to make her leave them. We have been taken walks to Piikkiƶ downtown get multiple repeats. We have seen other dog, people with different vehicle, children, different sounds, shopping carts etc. With easy target like people she already takes contact to my when see notices a new person in sight. With harder target like a dog, I need be ready rewards her longer time. It's now pretty easy to tell when she is ready to go closer or if we need to take some distance to keep control and right mood. This has been a easy task but the help to her re-activity is a huge. Also she has start to work for after seeing distraction. This really helps in sports like ob. Still some work to do but we on a right path.

Running dogwalk with Freya

This morning we went to take few repeats with the dog walk. Goal was to take forward cue in use and also to train turnings. Freya has just superb!! She got the forward cue right away and speed was amazing! I rewarded her after she took one jump straight ahead from the dog walk. Next was a turning cues. This training went really well. She still need some confidence to make the turn really well but she has the idea of them really well. In this training I also rewarded after a jump that was on the turning line. Overall Freya did really good job. Soon we have to start doing the dog walk in a course training. Time really flyes and my baby grows to be a young sport dog <3 <3

Pixie ends her 5 week rest period

It has been ages since Pixie has done agility. I wanted to keep her 5 week total brake from training. We have had a pretty intense competition season behind us. I was really tired and so was Pixie. Today we went to do agility after a long time. I can only say that I had really for got how fast she is. Pixie just flied and she was so happy and hot! We will need some course training before I will enter us to a competition. I need get back to her rhythm. This will be fun! I have missed to feeling of a little chaos in the agility course.

That's for now! Beautiful winter days to everyone!


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