Saturday, January 17, 2015

Finally a free weekend!

Don't shoot the dog!

I have under a project a book- Don't shoot the Dog. This is a book written by Karen Pryor. She is one the founders and firsts trainer to use operant condition in animal training. I have read a lot of her books and articles. These are really a eye opening text in animal training. Her multiple examples about positive training from animal and human world just makes you wonder how isn't this become every day thing all over the world? With her examples she has challenge me also think how I train and how to find the answers to my training problems. I can only recommend her books to anyone that owns an animal.

Training ob with Freya

This morning we did some training with laying down. Freya is so sharp minded dog that I have decided to make her keep her head down in long stays. This project has been started in living room and I'm now starting to take it different environments. She has starting to be pretty good at it. Now we just need to built duration.

I just read last night to the new rules in Ob that will be coming in August. So Freya and I made a training to learn the new jump. This was much much easier than the jump before. We train the jump set up that we will have in open and beginner class. Here are videos from both training's in ob:

Agility with both girls

We also trained little bit of lapturn with Freya. My first goal was to make her come to me to get a reward. Then we made to whole thing. After we did the whole thing I saw that she was jumping head high. Freya got her eye on me and not to the jump. At this point I put a toy behind the jump to make her focus more lower. This worked pretty well. Although we needed to do few tries to make concentrate to the task and not to toy. But in the end she did super! Watch to jump technique difference from the video.

Pixie did the same lap turn challenge. Her hardest part was to come to me for a treat. She just went and said I know what I need to do. :D This was a good training to make her listen to me again. After little jump turn training we did the wave challenge from Italy and other wave distraction. Now more writing here are our videos from today:

That's all for now!!!


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