Sunday, January 4, 2015

Freya 1 year old

Time has really gone super fast!! One year has gone when I watched from web-tv how Freya was born. It was a really exciting project to get a puppy from abroad. Lots of little things more to do than when you get a puppy from your home country. Freyas breeder Jane made this process really easy and it cool get see them grow whole time. Freya got my eye from 4 weeks old and on and she was all the things I has seen from the video, when I went to see her in Denmark.

Our first year has had its bumps but it has also thought me a lot about dogs yet again. She has a really tough growing time and she needed physiotherapy to keep herself in balance. In the end everything came together pretty nicely and Freya became a strong young girl. She also took me into a world sheep herding. This was a totally new thing to me and lucky for me Freya has been a naturally talent. So we have some road on that area to go. We will see where it will take us.

Agility has been to goal to been our number one sport. She has been trained very little but she has turned out to be an natural talent in this sport too. It sometimes seems like Freya has gene built in that says how to react and do agility. She has been very easy to train and she is very very light to handle. Speed has growing at same space that she is sure what is wanted of her. No more talking and here is our training session from yesterday:

Here is also pics from today:

That's for now!!! We will how she grow to be competition dog. We will start first from OB and next autumn she make her first run in agility if everything goes as planned.


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