Thursday, January 15, 2015

Reaction training continues and super healing... Related??

Freya is getting relaxed

I can't be any happier!! We have done now about 1 week of reactions training. This has been work of desensitizing and counter-conditioning. Freya has done super! She has become more relaxed. Our out coming from doors and car has been changed to situations that are in-control and in relaxed stage. Our work is not yet been done but I have really seen to power of positive reinforcement in changing behavior. Just love it!! I can only tell that if you have a problem in your dogs behavior research for a professional animal trainer that uses only positive reinforcement. Thank Kaisa again!!

Ob training

Freya and I went to train ob with Tiina and Jaime on Thursday. First I had an very wild puppy but in the end we got really nice tasks done. Freya did some speed work with a box and afterwards some position training in the box. We had had a long brake from box work so she had a little trouble of getting it again. Also we did some stop in healing. This has  been a bit of problem task. Freya doesn't stop fast enough. We worked to stop by me walking backwards and giving her cue. She improved a lot but we have to do more training to make her confident of doing a high speed stop. Last we training healing with distraction. Freya was really cool! She just changed all her focus to me when distractions started to happen. I wonder, do I have already help from our reactions training? Has that changed better focus to me?? It really doesn't matter I have done something right with this little ob puppy!!! :D :D :D

Agility with both girls

It was an eye opening training to see how different dogs I have. Pixie has been coming back from training brake and I had a plan to make course training with her. First of all she had lost her brakes - so lots of rewarding of collecting if asked to slow down. Second our old problem of knocking down pars was present and needed to be addressed. In the end we made clear and fast run but we have few issues to work with before Pixie will be going back to competition arenas.

Freya in the other hand showed her agility skills again. I raised the bars to 50 cm for the first time. She dropped first two bars and took it from the beginning again that made it the last bar that she dropped during the training session. We also worked on a lap turn. This went ok but I could see that she will need basic work with this handling maneuver. I haven't done the basic training well enough. Also we had a little issues of should she stay in 2on2off position after seesaw. It needed few tries and finally she got the idea that she needed to wait my release cue. All this was made a little bit more difficult because seesaw was against a wall. Yet again Freya got it perfectly in the end. This training session was a good reminder that when working with young dogs it's sometimes better go back to kinder garden to be able to go forward again.

That's all for now!! Happy training for everyone!!


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