Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Our sponsor for this season 2015 Acana and Orijen

Our sponsor season 2015

I can't thank enough to able work with Acana and Orijen dog foods and SLN import. My dog will test and report in the coming year how these super foods will work with three totally different dog. Louise as senior dog, Pixie as active competition dog and Freya as young teenager. All of them will have a different demands in nutrition. Also they have different needs in different times during this season. This will be a very exciting year!

Pixie and Freya went to see Piira

We go regularly to osteopathy Leena Piira. Today both girls had some issues. Pixie and a little stiff in the hips and neck. Freya had stiffness on her rip cage and hips. So we will have three total rest days and then we will start a work with Freyas inner muscles by taking her to forest to do different pace work. Her body has grown but now we have job to make it even stronger. It will be a challenge because she just loves to run and run really fast. The walk part will be our biggest work.

Reactions to control

Freya and I also went to see Kaisa Hilska to get help to her responsiveness. Freya has a problem that she barks easy at a single new person or a dog that comes to her sight. I have done so far a counter-conditioning. This has worked ok but her state of mind has been still very stiff and high alert. Her wrong mental state has giving problems in the hardest situations. So I needed help to get her calm and relaxed. Kaisa gave me a lot homework but I could see a big difference in her work already when we did work at her farm. Our goal was to make Freya relax and look and observe a scary object in peace. I can tell when she sniffed a horse from its nose, I was just totally sold. We have a big work in head of us but I saw a light in the end of the tunnel to make her more relaxed. Thank you Kaisa!!!!!

That's all for now! We will have now three days of relaxation or at least for the dogs. I have still a goal that need sweaty sports. :D :D :D

Yours MLPF

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